The 50s

February 23, 1968: on the day of my first birthday, Star Trek episode “By Any Other Name” premiered.

Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy steal the Enterprise, technically modify it, and attempt to return home.

Lots to like in this episode, like the Doc from Forbidden Planet as Rojan, and his, er, partner(?) Kalinda.

Best line from this episode?

“It’s green.”

One of Mr. Scott’s finest moments.


Since I forgot to move my car to the non-street cleaning side of the street yesterday, I decided to go out early and do stuff.

First stop was Dunkin Donuts. Now at Target. Need to kill time until Toys R Us opens, and then maybe stop at Gator Games.

Brought along “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” to read, so far, so good. Any book that quotes Buckaroo Banzai has to be good.


I went to go see Black Panther for the second time.

It’s definitely in my top 5 Marvel films, and top 10 superhero films, of all time.

As with second viewings, I managed to hear dialogue I missed the first time around.

My favorite character in the movie is M’Baku.

I said elsewhere that I want to put him in my Marvel buddy film, staring Luis, Korg, Groot, and Ned.  And maybe Darcy.

So begins my birthday week staycation.


After last year’s 50th birthday shindig, I’m not really feeling like doing anything for my 51st, to be honest.

Though if anyone wants to feed me pizza this Friday, I’m all for it.

I tried the Hostess SnoBall ice cream bar today.  Tasted like plastic.  I think that was the vanilla part, which I thought was marshmallow.

Dad didn’t seem impressed with it either.

Wakanda Forever!

Very good movie.

It’s not my new favorite.  In fact, it’s hard to say which, if any, is my favorite Marvel movie.  But this one is definitely a contender for that title.

The cast was great.  Aside from T’Challa, my favorite characters are Okoye and M’Baku.  The entire cast was awesome, truth be told, but there were moments with those two in particular that I liked the most.

I’d say about 95% of a packed audience stayed for the VERY predictable end of credits scene.  Almost everyone watched the mid-credits scene.

Go see it!

Spring Training

If you thought that a 2017 Spring Training cap would be marked down when 2018 Spring Training has begun, you’d be wrong.


I meant to get one last year, for my 50th year of existence, but then I figured that I’d get one when the season was under way, and then when the season was over, thinking that the price would drop at some point.


And then I thought for sure that they would drop the price once the 2018 ST season would begin.


The main reason why I want one is that the year (2017) is on the cap.  Except for All-Star Games and Postseason, no other caps have years on them.

Ah well. Maybe I’ll buckle down and get one now, as I was going to last year anyways.

Update: out of stock in my hat size.  Ah well.

Dinosaur Island

In my continuing quest to play all the games I picked up from Kickstarter, I attempted a solo game of Dinosaur Island.

I got through 3 turns before I decided to abandon the game.

It plays pretty well, I just kept making mistakes and missing steps.

And yes, it does feel like Jurassic Park meets worker placement.

And while solo play is okay, I’d rather try this with a group.

Holiday, continued

Cookies: made
Cookies: broken up over vanilla bean ice cream
Cookies: eaten with ice cream

Pizza: made
Pizza: eaten

As the day goes on…


Haircut: done
Breakfast: done
Errands: done

And it’s not even noon yet.  So what to do now?