The Defenders

It was good.

I enjoyed it more than Iron Fist, about as much as I enjoyed Luke Cage.

That’s about all I can say.

The big takeaway?



Gonna try switching to a messenger bag again, but smaller than the Jack Sack.

The idea is to *not* weigh it down to cause lower back discomfort, which is what I did with the larger bags, forcing me to use a backpack.

New murse should arrive Monday.

Unboxing, Sorta…

Same sized box

Bigger rulebook, 96 pages vs. 166 pages

One sheet of counters is the same in both editions; the new edition has many more counters per sheet

I think I’m gonna need a bigger box for counters

The new rules no longer need these carrier group counters, so I’ll pack them away with the older 2000 set

Random Shots 8.13.2017

Wild Turkeys

Dice what failed today…

The group.  My character is the koala.

Whoops, ran into some automatons

Michellesheen and BB-8